Arrangements for children

Part of the point of having a big, free-flowing wedding is to enable people to bring their children if they want to and let them rattle around in the garden.  Obviously you should keep a watchful eye on the more adventurous children chucking themselves in the river, which should not be deep at that time but is fast-flowing. We do also have three dogs, one of which is completely giant, like a big black bear, but all are utterly amiable and child-friendly.

We are having ace entertainer Magic Mikey to keep the babies out of trouble as much as possible.  He’s well known from children’s parties throughout the realm but also a bit of a dab hand at close magic – some of you may remember him from a big party Vardags had in the Oxford & Cambridge club about three years ago.

Of course, given that there’s an evening party built into the reception, you might decide to liberate yourselves of your beloved small ones so you can really let your hair down- but there’s also the option of piling them into a bed somewhere.  We’ll be at home, so most things are possible. We can probably even arrange a babysitter if you need us to.  Have a chat with Jessica about that if you like.


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