We are going to wear all the colours of the rainbow.  At least we girls are.  And something that reflects the fact that I’m as much Pashtun princess as Scottish farm girl and Oxford bluestocking. My hair will have been done by Tom at Nicky Clark, who has cut my hair since I was 22 years old; my makeup by the artist who styled me for my first glossy magazine feature in Easy Living and the photographer will be from the same shoot.  My dress, and our daughters’ bridesmaids’ dresses, will be painstakingly made by my mother, who has extraordinary creativity and sartorial training now rare.

Dress for women is formal, with hats and fascinators, the more wild and wonderful and extravagant the better.  Many ladies will be wearing the wonderful  creations of Andrew Fisher – if you too would like to order one of his marvelous designs, see  http://www.fishheadhats.com/. It would make sense to wear something dressy enough to ditch the hat and move seamlessly into evening, but please don’t plan to disappear and change (other than in a room at home, which would be fine- and you could leave a bag beforehand if you wanted)- the programme post-wedding is pretty busy and we’d be terribly sad if you missed a chunk of it or if everything went quiet because 100 women were off in the Wessex hotel re-doing their hair and make-up. Please watch out for stilettos, too – partly for our wooden floors and partly lest you sink slowly backwards into the lawn.

Stephen and the boys are wearing morning dress so if any of you have it please wear it, for everyone else it’s optional and lounge suits are fine.


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