The Mass

Stephen and I will walk up the very long aisle together, with our children, both our whole past lives united in the present ceremony.  This is more than just two people getting married; this is two families joining together.  We have spent three and a half years living together, learning our different ways and finding that space and difference are as important as integration.  Now we are consecrating that.

The full, sung, mass, will be by Monteverdi, whom we both love- the right era for Stephen, who loves the Renaissance and the Baroque, the right feel for me, who loves the sweepingly romantic and transcendent and, of course, for us both, all things Italian.  It will be sung by people who are stellar singers, some at international professional level, but all of who are our friends and guests at the wedding.

In due course we’ll post a detailed Order of Service, but in the meantime I can say the plan is that the Dean will marry us, in the choir of the Cathedral, our friend Paul du Plessis-Smith, musician and member of the Cathedral choir, will give the address and Jasper and Felix will do readings.


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